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Pierre Paulin, Daybed for Meuble TV 1953

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Paul McCartney in Nashville, 1970s.


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Terry Hall (by Chalkie Davies)

Cool pic

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Leave Luck to Heaven

Get it.



I am a stubbornly optimistic person: to the point where people find it incredibly annoying (which I totally get). But it’s true—one of the things that got me through difficult parts of my life was waking up each day believing that today could be…


Hiramatsu Koshun, Okimono of a Bull, c1939–43

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World Cup Megamix 2014: Day 25 - THE DYNAMIC CONCLUSION!

I had love for both of those teams today. The game-winning goal was glorious for sure, so I have to give it to the Germans. I just wish Messi could put the cherry on top of his career. He’ll have another chance. 

It’s been a joy finding all kinds of crazy stuff to put up here - hopefully within the week I’ll have a master playlist. In the meantime, here’s to the best two teams in the world.

ARGENTINA - Los Gatos - Viento Dile a la Lluvia

A melancholy one from the runners-up. Next time, guys.

GERMANY - Nena - 99 Luftballons

It wasn’t going to be Hasselhoff, so it’s going to be this. Boy, are we going to hear it from our German colleagues on Monday.



Photo by Joné Reed.

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World Cup Megamix 2014: Day 24

Well, the third place match ended the way we all feared. But we still have to pay tribute to these two teams. Even if I loathe one of them. 

BRAZIL - Joao Gilberto - Falsa Baiana

I discovered this record when I was 18, and lucky enough to visit Rio and Bahia for two weeks. It blew my mind to hear something so very soothing and cool. Take er easy, Brazil.

THE NETHERLANDS - Golden Earring - Twilight Zone

Justice was served this World Cup, I feel. I’ll be happy no matter who wins tomorrow, though I’m pulling ever so slightly towards Messi and the boys. It’s been a pleasure posting all these tracks, and hopefully at the conclusion I can create a master playlist for your listening and watching enjoyment. Stay tuned tomorrow for ARGENTINA and GERMANY!


One Mint Julep

World Cup Megamix 2014: Day 23

THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD. Lovely to see a non-colonizing nation win. And against a lousy buncha divers at that. Let’s hear some music from the semifinalists - we’ll hear another track from each over the weekend.

THE NETHERLANDS - MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap

This video makes as great an argument for Dutch elimination as any soccer match.

ARGENTINA - Tru La La - Te Fuiste

A repeat from World Cup mixes past, but I like to think maybe Messi is listening to this right now (actually I sincerely doubt it, I like to imagine him listening to The Advantage nonstop).

So we break for the week, and return on Saturday with a match that’s sure to be WEIRD, Netherlands v Brazil!

World Cup Megamix 2014: Day 22

Well! That was…that was awful. Poor Brazil. What a demoralizing mess. I FEEL FOR YOU GUYS. But hey! They’ll still get one more song for the 3rd place match! That’s consolation, right?

BRAZIL - Os Mutantes - Panis et Circensis & Bat Macumba

When I was in college, all I wanted to do was be in this band. It’s probably better for my landlord that I didn’t quite make it there.

GERMANY - Icke & Er - Richtig Geil

On the recommendation of my boss, who is married to a Berliner and knows one of these German Beastie Boys.

Okay meine homies, tomorrow is Argentina v Netherlands! Can Messi & Co. do it without Noodle? According to Nate Silver, this makes the odds around 50-50.

World Cup Megamix 2014: Day 21

A somewhat predictable final four after today’s matches, but how they got there wasn’t predictable in the least. No comment. In general.

ARGENTINA - Katunga - Mira Para Arriba, Mira Para Abajo

BELGIUM - Telex - Moskow Diskow

THE NETHERLANDS - Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - I Love You Like I Love Myself

COSTA RICA - Ras Manuel - Babylon No Me Engana

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